Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold


They have became of most of us. We spot the our air conditioning just isn't cooling anymore. Once we notice the vent, this indicates the environment conditioning is blowing hot air. When this occurs, there are a couple things you an do first before you decide to onsite visit a Keller HVAC contractor.
First Step To Check Your individual AC Is always to Inspect You Filter

Air conditioning repair

A filthy filter is commonly the culprit to an air conditioning not blowing cold. In case you have a single inch thick filter, you must improve your filter between 30 and Two months. A clean filter help keep you cool plus your air conditioning equipment happy.

You can also help prevent costly repairs. Offer an air-con company maintenance one's body annually or you are so busy, engage a filter service provider to manage it for you. In case you dont know where your filter is, please watch these videos.
Next step Is usually to Inspect The Outdoor Condenser Unit

Make certain that both fan and compressor are running. You are off, the air conditioner is not going to cool. If the compressor is off, you ought to be in a position to hear however if you simply cant , run a hand within the fan. It should be blowing heated air. If its not, you've issues. Also, examine and have the copper pipes located close to the ground. The greater pipe ought to be cold. Possibly ice or its frozen, call any local AC Company.


Third Step Is To Clean Condenser Unit

When you have a filthy ac, it can't reject the heat it requires to. Have a hose having a questionable nozzle. With the power off, start the top unit that includes the fan motor. Internally, spray the coils to remove the dirt which is causing the restriction.